Robinson - Anton 1100 Yard Mini Cone

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Robinson - Anton super brite polyester thread is a very nice embroidery thread.  We have done our best to match RA colors with LTC colors.  Please see the thread chart for LTC's thread choice suggestion.  Please note that this is simply our opinion, and hues may vary from dye lot to dye lot.  Many of the RA colors will work well with several LTC items.  For example, Holly hock red  matches the red gingham, red corduroy, our red raglans, and our red and white knit. 


Thread Color Match Chart
Gingham   Seersucker
Navy Blue Ink 5740   Navy  Blue Ribbon 5739
Lt. Blue Amanda Lavender 9048   Blue Oriental Blue 5601
Red Hollyhock Red 9006   Aqua Natural Teal 9076
Maroon Russett 5552   Lavender Tulip 5586
Green Irish Green 5812   Pink Pink Splendor 9037
Solid Knit   Khaki Tan 5573
Maroon Russett 5552   Green Rolling Meadow 9148
Brown Brown 5551   Red Hollyhock Red 9006
Black Black 5596   Stripe Knit
White Ultra Brite White 9174   Blue/White Tropic Blue 5734
Red Candy Apple Red 5807   Royal Blue/White Royal 5510
Navy PN Navy (24) 5824   Navy/White PN Navy (24) 5824
Blue Copen 5545   Red/White Hollyhock Red 9006
Lt Blue Tropic Blue 5734   Purple/Green/Gold Pollen Gold 5856
Grey Delano Grey 9112   Purple/Green/Gold Conner Green 9092
Teal Pillow Blue 9059   Purple/Green/Gold Iris 5588
Pink(Puff Sleeve) Exclusive Pink 9074   Lime Green/White Green Oak 5619
Bubble Gum Pink Wild Pink 5559   Lavender/White Popular Purple 9019
Pink (Bib Top) Pink Sherbert 9036   Red/Green/White Hollyhock Red 9006
Purple Iris 5588   Red/Green/White Conner Green 9092
Green Conner Green 9092   Grey/White Delano Grey 9112
Lavender Poker Primrose 9011   Dark Green/White Conner Green 9092
Pink (Girls Jacket) Horizon Pink 9168   Raglan
Pink (Infant Gown) Le Reve Pink 9040   Pink/White Horizon Pink 9168
Blue (Infant Gown) Heron Blue 5825   Orange/White DK TX Orange 5769
Teal (Dress) Blue Wisteria 9052   Green/White Conner Green 9092
        Brown/White Brown 5551
        Red/White Hollyhock Red 9006
        Purple/White Iris 5588
Corduroy   Navy/White PN Navy (24) 5824
Red Hollyhock Red 9006   Maroon/White Russett 5552
Navy PN Navy (24) 5824   Black/White Black 5596
Green Holly 5623   Miller Collection - V Neck Tees
Brown Brown 5551   Green Rolling Meadow 9148
Miller Collection   Blue  Lake Blue 5604
Pink Seersucker Pink Sherbert 9036   Pink Wilk Pink 5559
Blue Seersucker Lake Blue 5604        
Green Seersucker Light Kelley 7710        
Red Gingham Radiant Red 5566     Retail Show
Pink Gingham Horizon Pink 9168   Small Spools $5.99 $4.79
Navy Gingham TH Navy 5909   Large Spools $15.99 12.79
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