Pre Order

Our LTC 2nd Christmas Jammies Pre- Order is currently CLOSED! 

We expect these items to start shipping to our customers by the middle of November. For more  up to date information on when these are expected, please join our facebook group.  


 Information on this will also be updated on our facebook group.  



 You will be able to purchase as many of any item as you would like during the pre - order only.  Please note that after the pre order is over,  the available items will be limited.  We will order some extras, and they will be added to the website for purchase after all of the pre orders have shipped out. The ONLY way to insure you get everything you need, is by pre ordering.

When placing a pre - order, please ONLY order items in the pre- order category.  Pre - order, and non pre - ordered items will ship separately, so shipping totals will need to be different.  Please do not add non pre order items to an order with pre orders.


If you have any questions at all, please email us at


Happy Shopping!