New Year, New Goals!

As we start out 2023, we want to get on the right track! Now is the perfect time to recommit to yourself and your business. Starting the year off on the right foot helps set you up for success! Here are 5 helpful tips to take into the new year!

  • 1.Purge your office/craft room! Clean up your areas of business to help you think clearly!
  • 2.Organize your files (paper and electronic). If your business files are paper or electronic, go through them, organize them, and put them where they need to go. Shred or delete the ones that have no importance anymore.
  • 3.Try to plan what you will offer in advance, sales, emails… whatever you can plan try to put it in motion. If you plan loosely what you will be selling each season or holiday it will be easier to make sure you have stock in the correct items. It will also make it easier for you to see what needs to be done for each season prior or to decide when to have sales or send out promotional emails.
  • 4.Plan your social media! Social media is so key in business these days. Scheduling a day on your calendar weekly, biweekly or monthly to schedule posts and content will make your life so much easier.
  • 5.Set monthly goals that help keep you accountable. Small manageable tasks will help you achieve the goals and allow you to see why you did or did not accomplish them, making them easy to tweak if needed.
  • We hope these 5 small steps help your business be successful this year and every year after!