LTC Adheres to INTEGRITY as Business Model

LTC Adheres to INTEGRITY as Business Model

The New Year started with a bang and it has not stopped yet. In our attempt to introduce our product line to a different parts of this country, we participated in two trade shows, one in Greenville, South Carolina and another one in Owensboro, Kentucky. These were both new territories for Love That Cotton and we had a blast. The drive allows us to enjoy the different scenery and landscape of each state when we cross the borders. If you have been to several of these shows you have probably seen the grandbabies “helping” us set up and watching them grow up as well. The behind the scenes scenarios at our warehouse are absolutely adorable as they help pull the orders and package them for shipment. No doubt these grandbabies will become pros and will continue the work and effort their Momma, Pee Paw and Gigi put into their business.

Love That Cotton has also introduced LTC BusinessHacks. This service allows customers the opportunity to access numerous topics of interest when growing their business. LTC Business has  collages, videos, spreadsheets, thank you notes available, as well as much more. Sometimes all you need is a little help to get things started but you are not sure how things work or where or how to start your business. LTC Business Hacks is intended to be an asset to place to help your business grow and succeed. We hope this useful tool will answer many of your questions and or concerns. New topics and useful information will continue to be added. Of course, new suggestions are always welcome as we try to address the challenges and benefits of having a business. If you would like to join out private facebook group, you can do that here:

We were also so HONORED and excited to have the opportunity to acquire select EllieO assets and expand our Love That Cotton product line. We felt so blessed that Ashley Miller selected us to carry on with the line that she developed and was so successful at. The energy and enthusiasm that Ashley and Cristina share are similar and the styles from EllieO and LTC complement each other beautifully. We wish Ashley the very best as she starts a new journey and are excited to continue in her success. So in honor of Ashley, we have named the new LTC line as the Miller Collection. Pre Orders were received with August as the expected arrival of the new product. This will be our first introduction with new products to follow in the very near future. We believe that this new addition will fill the gap of between the children and adult wear and enhance options to our customers. We will do our best to meet the demands of our customers and adjust our inventory as the new line continues to grow.

Love That Cotton is a family owned, faith based family and our main goal when we started Love That Cotton was to design a line with quality and price value at the same time. I think we have achieved that goal. We also believe in exceptional customer service, that is, responding to our customers in a timely manner, replacing any items that are not up to our standards, shipping out orders as soon as possible and creating long term relationships with our customers. We know we have said this many times but we want to say it again… We are truly blessed in that we have many loyal customers that believed in us from the very beginning and are still supporting us. You are amazing and awesome customers! We want you to know that Love That Cotton plans to be here for you for many years to come. We are committed to continue to serve and assist you in any way we can. We truly have come a long way and we owe that to each and every one of you. To ALL of our growing LTC family members, thanks a million from the bottom of our hearts.

The growth and recognition from our customers, brings us such great joy. We have tried very hard to design our own style so as to allow others to do their own branding. We have chosen INTEGRITY in what we do and how we conduct our business, that is, do the right thing no matter what.

When I looked up integrity the definition resonated within me and brought me joy and peace knowing that we conduct our workplace like this. This what it said about integrity: “People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever it is you are doing based on the particular moral value or belief compass you have. ... “We act with integrity in all we do.

It is difficult and sad at the same time to accept that we live in a world where the basic values such as integrity, truthfulness, kindness among others are not considered important. We live in a society where “all about me” is what matters and the heck with the rest. As difficult as it is to understand that, we at Love That Cotton choose to have integrity and do the right thing. We may lose customers and maybe even lose our designs to others but we believe in the end, God will take care of us and direct our path. If it weren’t for God’s help we would not have the success we enjoy today. If it weren’t for our faith in the Almighty, we would have given up when obstacles came our way. Until you are in our shoes, nobody knows the challenges that we have endured. As a family, it has made us a united front, as Christians, our faith has grown deeper and stronger. We believe that God has a divine plan and that His ways are far better and greater than ours. To that end, we surrender everything to Him and continue to do what is right, with integrity in all we do. We wish no harm to anyone. There is room in this business for all of us to be creative and expand our brand in unique and different ways. Surely we can recognize the strengths each one of us has, and work in harmony with each other.

INTEGRITY, we live by this family value. We teach our children the importance of having integrity and that there are consequences for not having integrity. Integrity, Love That Cotton adheres to this precious virtue as our business model. Integrity, we choose integrity above all, no matter what!

- With LOVE from Mayra Greebon, and all of us over at Love That Cotton <3